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The Larger Conversation: Churchwide issues and resolutions from General Convention to the Diocese of Missouri


Familiar with Zoom?

  • Join Zoom Meeting by following the link. Each month's Zoom room link is listed on the episode page.
  • On smart phone, open the Zoom app. Enter meeting ID (listed on the episode page).
  • Dial in on a phone (no video) +1 646 876 9923. Use Meeting ID (listed on the episode page).
  • Plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before 7 pm.

How do I practice on or check my Zoom setup?

  • Practice the day before!
  • On your computer with a webcam and speakers/mic, follow this link: Click the blue Join button to launch Zoom. You'll be able to test speaker and microphone. On your smartphone, Get the Zoom app in Apple or Google store and follow this same link to test

Come early to test with people.

  • We'll open at least a half hour early for you to Zoom around before the episode begins.

Bad hair day

  • Yes, you can watch, listen, and speak without turning on your own video, and using your microphone.

That dog that won't stop yapping

  • It's a good policy to keep yourself on mute if you are not speaking. If there is a good deal of static or other noise coming from your connection, the host might put you on mute so others can hear.

Captions? More Questions?

  • Interested in an episode and need a transcript? Email Beth Felice and we'll get one to you in a couple of days.
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