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The Larger Conversation: Churchwide issues and resolutions from General Convention to the Diocese of Missouri


Table of Contents


Our past General Convention (summer of 2018) adopted over 500 resolutions touching on all parts of our worship and life in ministry as The Episcopal Church. A monthly online program, The Larger Conversation addresses that legislation through the lens of ministry in this diocese. We explore legislation by category, and devote to each two episodes, the first a presentation overview, the second a participatory conversation.


On the fourth Tuesday of each month, from 7-8 pm we meet on Zoom and stream on Facebook Live.


Meet ** the members of the Missouri Deputation, clergy and lay and alternates, who went to GC 2018 in Austin, Texas. Learn more about**General Convention of The Episcopal Church. In Nov. of 2019, the Diocese of Missouri will elect the deputation to attend GC 2020.


These webchats happen online, using Zoom, a free webchat application for laptops, tablets, and phones. Directions for how to use Zoom are here.


Each episode (listed below) has its own page of information which includes how to dial in to the webinar, any resources that are shared ahead of the conversation, any shared during or after, as well as a recording to watch if you were not able to attend.

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