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The Larger Conversation: Churchwide issues and resolutions from General Convention to the Diocese of Missouri


Deputation Blog

Leading up to and during General Convention, the deputation maintains a blog of posts and images at .

Deputation and Attending GC 2018 from Missouri

House of Bishops

House of Deputies-Clergy

  • C1, The Rev. Tamsen Whistler, Rector, Trinity Church, St. Charles, email
  • C2, The Rev. Mark Sluss, Archdeacon, Diocese of Missouri, email
  • C3, The Rev. Luke Jernagan, Rector, St. Peter's Church, Ladue, email
  • C4, The Rev. Beth Scriven, Chaplain, Rockwell House, email
  • Clergy alternates
  • C5 (alternate), The Rev. Todd McDowell, Rector, Grace Church, Kirkwood, email

House of Deputies-Lay

  • L1, Betty L. Bowersox, Grace Church, Kirkwood,email
  • L2, Kathryn (Kathy) Dyer, St. Timothy's Church, Creve Coeur
  • L3, Michael J. Booker, Ph.D. St. Francis' Church, Eureka, email
  • L4, Lisa Fox, Grace Church, Jefferson City, email
  • Lay alternates
  • L6 (alternate), Adrienne L. Dillon, All Saints' Church, St. Louis, email
  • L7 (alternate), Robert (Robby) Dunlap, All Saints' Church, Farmington
  • L8 (alternate), Elizabeth (Liz) Yount, St. Peter's Church, Ladue

Offices of the Bishop-Staff
The Rev. Canon Joe Chambers, email, @joechambers

Episcopal Church Women

  • Ms. Cheryl Ward, ECW diocesan president
  • Ms. Jeanne King, ECW diocesan vice-president
  • Ms. Karen Birr, ECW Province V board member
  • Dr. Peg Cooper, UTO board member from Province V
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