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The Larger Conversation: Churchwide issues and resolutions from General Convention to the Diocese of Missouri


General Convention 2018 Approved Resolutions on the Care of Creation

Take the Care for Creation Pledge

Join Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and the Task Force on Creation Care and make your Pledge to Care for Creation . The Pledge is part of living as the Jesus Movement. It’s a promise to protect and renew this good Earth and all who call it home. It’s a promise to share our stories, stand with those who are most vulnerable, and live more gently on the Earth.

What can you do?

  • During Lent, reflect on the Pledge alone or in a group, with the help of the Reflection Guide
  • During Lent, decide on your 3 commitments to be more LOVING, LIBERATING and LIFE-GIVING in relation to Creation
  • By Easter Sunday (April 21), take the Pledge, including your specific, personal commitments
  • On Earth Day (April 22), the day after Easter, let's celebrate at least 1,000 pledges
  • All year long, keep your specific commitments to be more loving, liberating and life-giving

SUSTAINING EARTH, OUR ISLAND HOME: A Call to Action for All Episcopalians

This is an online public commitment tracker offered by the Diocese of California, and being tested by five dioceses. On a conference call 4/24 we learned Missouri will be online shortly (by May 15). When the Diocese of Missouri is registered, you'll be able to pledge actions and chart your progress, see money and resources saved, as an individual or a parish. There will also be links to your community, to compare baselines and progress, if you like. Currently, there is one community in the state participating in a big way, St. Peters, MO and the Francis Howell School District.

ENS Articles on Care for Creation

Additional resources mentioned in the presentation

Your Top 7 List: Topics for the next shows

7. Day of Action: Bishops Against Gun Violence Rally and Hutto Center (ICE Detention Center) Demonstration & Prayer Service
6. Marriage Rites for Whole Church (B012)
5. Responses to Abuse (#MeToo) and Title IV (Ecclesiastic Discipline) Canons
4. Resolutions with Direct Impact on the Diocese of MO, including Bishop-Search-Related
3. Liturgical Revisions, Inclusive Language, and a Process for a new Book of Common Prayer
2. Creation Care (April/May), Racial Reconciliation/Justice (tentative June/July), Evangelism (tentative Aug/Sept) and The Way of Love
1. Immigration, Migration, Asylum Issues

*As voted on by clergy and delegates attending the 179th Diocesan Convention in Nov. 2018. Note these three additional topics received no/few votes: Re-admission of the Diocese of Cuba into TEC; Israel/Palestine Resolutions & Other Decisions with Political Impact; General Convention Triennial Budget (2019-2021)

Background: 2018 General Convention

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