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The Larger Conversation: Churchwide issues and resolutions from General Convention to the Diocese of Missouri


Eight artists from around the Diocese of Missouri answered the eight questions posed in our baptismal covenant with their artworks. The resulting exhibit, produced in conjunction with the Bishop’s Task Force on Baptism, debuted at the 2018 Diocesan Convention at Christ Church Cathedral. It is now available for display by any interested Episcopal parish in this diocese through the end of 2019. This document will give you the information you need about the exhibit and how to request to have the exhibit shown at your church.


The artists participating in this exhibit are:

  • Lorinda Cooper, from Trinity, St. Charles
  • Mary Drastal, from St. Martin’s, Ellisville
  • Michelle Heitman, from Emmanuel, Webster Groves
  • Anne Kelsey, from St. Michael and St. George, Clayton
  • Carolyn Lesser, from Emmanuel, Webster Groves
  • George Podolsky, from St. Timothy’s, Creve Coeur
  • Jeff Wunrow, from Trinity, St. Louis

Technical Specs

There are 8 pieces in this exhibit, each roughly 16 x 20 in size. All have wires mounted on the back for hanging, but they can also be displayed on easels (8 tabletop easels will travel with the artworks for ease of display). Most are approximately 4.5 pounds each, with one a little more and a couple a little less. Each piece is wrapped in bubble wrap for protection and the all 8 artworks travel in a single crate. The eight tabletop easels are bundled with bungee cords for easy transport.


It is not necessary for an individual parish to insure this exhibit, but as each piece is going to be returned to the artist at the end of 2019, it is expected that the greatest of care will be taken with all the art while it is in your custody.


The exhibit includes a title card with an introductory sign that should be displayed as the first thing you encounter as you approach the show. Each artwork is numbered on the back for easy arranging. There are also laminated labels for each image. These should be either wall mounted with removable adhesive mounting strips or laid next to the art on a tabletop. Save all the packaging for repacking the show.

Tools and Equipment Needed

  • Eight easels or eight sets of hanging hardware. The hardware should have at least 5 pounds of capacity—10 pounds is preferable.
  • Removable adhesive mounting strips or wall art putty
  • Hammer and Level

Taking Down the Exhibit

Remove the art and wrap individually in bubble wrap. Remove the title card and individual labels and remove the adhesive from the back of each, if used. Carefully place the artwork labels in the manila envelope that was provided. Box the artwork and labels, double-checking that everything you received is being passed along. If there is any damage, to any of the pieces, notify Jeff Wunrow at 314-327-4200 and also point it out to the parish you are delivering it to.

Transfer Between Church Locations

It will be the responsibility of each exhibiting parish to communicate and coordinate with the previous exhibiting parish to arrange to transfer the artwork in person. If shipping is the only possible way to make the transfer happen, please contact Jeff Wunrow at 314-327-4200 to discuss it.

When your parish has been added to the exhibition schedule you will be informed of the dates you will be able to display the exhibit, the contact person you will receive the exhibit from, and the contact person you will deliver the exhibit to.


Each parish will get the exhibit for roughly one or two weeks, depending on the requests received.

Please fill out this online form.

Additional questions about reserving the exhibit to Jeff Wunrow, and at 314-327-4200. Questions about the form to Beth Felice,

Download this information in PDF

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